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Your skin needs TLC too

minenssey skincare

Your skin needs TLC too

It’s no secret that we shout from the rooftops just how important self-care is now more than ever. Looking after your body inside and out and giving yourself some TLC will always and forever be a good thing.

So we want to start with our skincare and take a look at exactly what our skin does!

Our skin has many different functions but we want to concentrate on keeping the main thing the main thing. Our skin acts as a protective barrier, protecting your body from harmful things such as moisture, the cold and UV rays, as well as germs and toxic substances from the environment.

So you would think it would be common sense to look after our skin at all costs right? But so many of us don’t give our skin the credit, the love, the protection and the TLC that it deserves.

While on the hunt for an Australian made clay face mask with ingredients that will knock your skin’s socks off, we came across Minenssey and let us tell you why your skin will be ever so grateful for these skin-lovin’ clay masks.

A good clay mask should consist of the following super powers: 1. Goes on soft. 2. Won’t dry or crack and make your skin feel chalky. 3. Hydration, hydration, hydration! So we took a look at the 3 key ingredients in the Minenssey Australian Clay Hydrating Mask and even did a little leap of joy!

With a blend of wild harvested flannel flower, rosella flower extract and Australian white clay, there was no mistaking that our skin was going to be extra happy and hydrated. Let’s take a look at these key ingredients and what they actually provide for our skin.

Flannel Flower

You may be forgiven if you haven’t heard of flannel flower before. A native to south-eastern Queensland and the western slopes of New South Wales, this plant has incredible health benefits and when formulated into skincare, it’s certainly an ingredient to be on the lookout for.

WHY? Flannel flower helps to deeply penetrate the skin and provides long-lasting hydration as well as adding a little bit of a boost to your skin’s elasticity, which we can all do with as we gracefully age.

Rosella Flower

Blooming in the fringes of rainforests and sand dunes in the Northern Territory, rosella flower’s active compounds make for a very welcome addition in skincare formulation.

WHY? Well there are a few benefits of having this extract in your skincare. Rosella flower extract works as a powerful antioxidant, which helps to protect your skin’s surface from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental nasties like UV and pollution. In addition, this extract helps to work as an anti-inflammatory, which aids in cooling down irritated, sensitive and acne-prone skin. And did we fail to mention this the added ability to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Winning!

But wait there’s more, If you are after more radiant, bright and lush skin, this super hero ingredient can help with that too!

White Clay

Firstly, we need to highlight that removing toxins and impurities should always be your number one priority when it comes to the reason why a face mask is a non-negotiable beauty tool. As we mentioned earlier, one of the most important jobs that our skin has is to help eliminate a lot of the toxins from our body.

Australian white clay includes two crucial compounds that absorb toxins and impurities – silicon and aluminium silicate. White clay has the ability to draw out toxins and impurities 100x its own body weight, while also feeding your skin with much needed nutrients, insert “thank you to silicon and aluminium silicate” here. Another interesting benefit is that this incredible ingredient also helps to stimulate circulation, which allows cells to regenerate. Pretty impressive right?

So with these 3 key ingredients combined with a base of aloe vera and oils including camelia seed, jojoba and coconut, your skin will most definitely be thanking you for the extra TLC and nourishment that it deserves.

Introducing Minenssey

Minenssey entered the beauty scene three years ago and continues to develop premium Australian made skincare with ingredients carefully sourced within our great southern land.

Founder and skincare expert Cheryl Ross has used her vast knowledge within the skincare industry to bring to us a range of truly amazing skin-lovin’ products where each ingredient plays a vital role in restoring and rehydrating our skin. She believes that the perfect skincare regime is the most important element that any woman can adopt and we couldn’t agree more!

Our skin plays such a vital role in our overall health and wellbeing and we are proud to be able to share with you the benefits of Australian made and owned skincare.

*bare beauty Australia was gifted the Minenssey Australian clay hydrating mask, we only review and recommend products that we would use on ourselves and that our skin personally adores!

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.