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Why your gut health is so important

Why your gut health is so important

Our gut is the second most important brain in our bodies. Some even say that it is our most important brain and that can be looked upon quite favourably. We are what we eat they say! And “they” are most certainly correct!

Now we don’t want to get too technical and make your head spin, so we will keep all of this as simple as possible.

Millions of nerves and neurons run between your gut and your brain. Neurotransmitters and other chemicals produced in your gut, also affect your brain. This communication system between your brain and gut is called the gut-brain axis.


Neurotransmitters are produced in our brain to control our feelings and our emotions. So, it’s only natural for you to have an “Aha!” moment here and realise that what we put into our bodies, ultimately has an effect on our feelings and emotions including our self-esteem and our self-confidence.

As much as 80% of what we eat is used to feed the brain, before the remainder of our body’s organs are nourished, so a “foggy brain” or “feeling tired” or “feeling a bit down” often indicates that we need to pay attention to our nutrition and what we are feeding ourselves. (apologies for the bad news here, but that chocolate cake and those fried foods aren’t helping your mood!)


FUN FACT: More than 90% of the body’s serotonin (a contributor to our feelings of well-being and happiness) is produced in the gut, as well as about 50% of the body’s dopamine (responsible for feelings of pleasure and motivation). Both are essential antidepressant neurotransmiters.

Your gut microbes also produce a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which helps to control feelings of fear and anxiety.

With all this being said, we have three very important neurotransmitters produced in our gut and these three neurotransmitters are responsible for us feeling amazing, smiling more and ultimately living a more happier life full of more self-confidence and increased self-esteem.

What we fuel our bodies with has a bigger connection to our healthy mindset, stress, anxiety and happiness more than we may have ever known. Even more so today due to environmental elements, heavy metal and consumed substances such as prescribed medication, processed foods and artificial colourings (the list goes on!)

What we want to do is pay a lot more attention to what we are fuelling our bodies with, not just for a healthy weight and a healthier tummy but for a healthier mind.

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.