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The Perfect Vitamin

The Perfect Vitamin

skin lovin'Vitamins. They have so many hidden secrets, benefits and functions. But do we really know which ones are best used on our skin and why? Why on earth would we make sure our serum contains Vitamin A and what does Vitamin E “actually” help with when it’s a key ingredient in our moisturiser?

Let’s take a quick look shall we?

Vitamin A

What does it do? Helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. (yes we heard that Hoorah!)

Why do I need this? AKA “retinol” this antioxidant helps to fight off free radical damage that causes wrinkles and skin pigmentation. It also aids in boosting collagen production.

We recommend: Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair + Buffer Cream RRP $135

dermalogica VITA

Vitamin B3

What does it do? Helps to reduce redness and even out skin tone.

Why do I need this? Vitamin B3 helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier and helps skin to stay hydrated. Relieving dryness and sensitivity and aiding with diminishing skin redness.

We recommend: asap Super B Complex. RRP $65.06 via


Vitamin C

What does it do? Brightens your complexion.

Why do I need this? A super powerful antioxidant that helps to combat environmental damage, aids in boosting skin radiance, improves elastin production AND even helps with ageing. Our superhero!

We recommend: Skeyndor Power C+ Energising Cream SPF15. RRP $115



Vitamin E

What does it do? Helps to hydrate and protect your skin.

Why do I need this? Vitamin E is known for it’s super anti-inflammatory properties and it’s skin soothing capabilities. Helping to protect the skin’s moisture barrier and lock in hydration.

We recommend: endota spa multivitamin treatment oil. RRP $45

So now that you know exactly what these little miracle ingredients can do for your skin, what are you waiting for? Get shopping and keep your skin happy!


Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.