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Swedish beauty innovation at it’s very best

Swedish beauty innovation at it’s very best

At the end of the day, the modern woman dreams about smooth, healthy, glowing skin. The kind of complexion that you can imagine a silk sheet gently gliding down your cheek and the kind that simply glows from within. All this topped off with sleek, modern and sophisticated packaging that echoes “I’m here to do my job”.

Timeless, modern and appealing to the masses. Introducing Löwengrip. Swedish beauty innovation at it’s very best.

The Founders

Founded in 2012 by owners Isabella Lowengrip and Pingis Hadenius. Lowengrip develops and manufactures products to suit the most sensitive skin, scalp and hair and prides itself on it’s end-to-end Swedish production process.

“I need high-quality beauty care products that are gentle but effective. When I use a product, I expect it to live up to its claims and deliver the results it promises. Sustainability is another of our key ethics, which is why all Löwengrip products are produced here in Sweden, using environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies”, says Creative Director and co-founder Isabella Löwengrip.

Developed to nourish and care for our skin

We are all up for products that are not only developed to nourish and care for our skin but are developed to do the job with the very  end result in mind. This is precisely the promise you get with the Lownegrip beauty products. Simple. Effective. First-class ingredients. In fact, all ingredients used in all Lowengrip products have been carefully selected with sensitive skin and scalp in mind.

With an extensive range from facial cleanses, eye creams, facial creams and serums to the gentle and fragrance-free range of intimate care. Your skin is about to be in fabulous hands.


A few gems that really stood out for us from the range.

The Serum Facial Serum – Deep hydration is at your fingertips and creates an instant glow. This Facial Serum delivers pure love for tired, stressed skin. Containing Jojoba Seed Oil – our favourite anti-inflammatory to help tame redness. A super smooth application without feeling “too oily”. RRP $65.00. Available online at lowengrip.com 

Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask – Jam packed with active ingredients that help to rehydrate and soothe sensitive and reactive skin. We love that this mask can be worn overnight to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and repair the skin. RRP $60.00. Available online at lowengrip.com 

Pixie Dust Hairspray – You had us at Pixie Dust! A super lightweight hairspray that simply performs as it says! Not only does it keep your hairstyle in place but it helps to also protect your hair. All while easily brushing out when needed. RRP $15.00. Available at lowengrip.com 

Take a look at the Löwengrip beauty range for yourself. lowengrip.com. Here’s what the experts have to say:

Premium base ingredients: Taking a holistic approach to product formulation. Every step of the way, they select only the very best, most effective ingredients, from the basic carrier substances right through to the active extracts. They focus on the synergies of the entire formula, not just the actives. As a result, the holistic formulations will, for example, lock in moisture longer than many other hydrating products on the market. SOUNDS GOOD RIGHT!?

Premium-quality ingredients across all products: Base formulas and potent actives. The sophisticated development process is based on working with leading chemists, efficient and environmentally friendly production and payback through a packaging recycling scheme. TICK!

Highly innovative formulas: They take their time when developing new product formulas and will launch a product only when they are completely satisfied that it is absolutely perfect. They carefully select every single ingredient, then develop the perfect packaging to ensure optimum delivery of the final product. TICK!

Advanced testing: Löwengrip test only on humans to guarantee a reliably honest product that is 100% cruelty-free. All of their products are also subjected to rigorous dermatological testing over at least twelve months at their in-house laboratory. Creative Director, Isabella Löwengrip, personally oversees this testing process. DOUBLE TICK!

Last but not least, the Löwengrip brand aims to empower women and to help them take a step closer to achieving work-life balance: Löwengrip products are both multifunctional and time-saving. The founders behind the brand are role models who prove that nothing is impossible with the right support network and mindset. You can have it all – family, a dream career as well as balanced glowing skin. That certainly has the bare beauty vote!

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.