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So you are getting married!

So you are getting married!

wedding day

Smell that? Spring is on it’s way and although it may seem that the Australian Winter is somewhat never ending, there are currently brides everywhere planning and/or finalising all of the details for their big dream day.

The dress, the shoes, the reception, the guests, the flowers. There is so much to think of and get booked in. We believe that one of the most important aspects of the day though always points to hair, makeup and well – looking your ultimate best. After all it’s your big day right? Oh yes and the Groom’s! But we all know he’s ready in 10 minutes no matter what the occasion.

Haven’t booked your makeup artist? Don’t worry, if you have the skills to perfect your make up yourself then save a few dollars and put some more champagne on that bar tab.

We have selected the cream of the crop to help you get started on your perfect day.


Selecting the right foundation is probably the most important part. Actually, it IS the most important part. You want flawless, long lasting coverage that won’t flashback in your photos. Firstly, selecting the right foundation will ultimately come down to your skin type first and foremost. Make sure you do a few patch tests if you are unsure of your skin type to be on the safe side.

TIP: Stay clear of foundations that contain an SPF as it contains light reflecting particles. 

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. RRP $67. Available at MECCA.  This miracle in a bottle conceals redness and flaws while still managing to make your skin radiantly glow.



The eyes say it. Your eyes will be the first thing he looks into when you have made your way down the aisle and are standing in front of him. Whether you are a regular wearer of heavier eye makeup or just like a subtle look, always opt for 3 complimenting shades on your big day.

TIP: Apply an eyeshadow primer before application to lock colour into place.

Highlight – Apply a shimmering shade to the brow bone and lid. Ensure to highlight the “V” on the inside corner of the eye by wrapping the colour. This will accentuate the shimmer and shine, and make smaller eyes seem a bit larger.

Midtone – Starting from the outside corner of the crease, with a soft matte shade, sweep the colour across the inner corner of the eye and along the lower lash line to create some subtle definition.

Contour – Sweep a matte shadow over the midtone shade along the upper and lower lash line and into the crease.

theBalm NUDE’tude Eyeshadow Palette – RRP $49.95 . Available at Target. Everything you need in one convenient palette. theBalm offers 12 highly pigmented, silky smooth eyeshadows with a fantastic diversity of shades.


A perfect “colour lasting” lipstick is what you want for your big day. With so many kisses from distant aunties and uncles in between sips of champagne, is there really enough time to re-apply every hour? Definitely not!

TIP: Apply a sheer layer of foundation followed by a long lasting lip pencil all over the lips before applying lipstick to lock in that colour for longer!

Australis Colour Inject Lipstick. RRP $13.95. One of our favourite brands from way back when mum bought us our first ever makeup kits. Australis never seem to disappoint and are extremely affordable. At this price you can also make sure that your bridesmaids are well equipped with their favourite shades for the day and beyond.

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.