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Scrub A Dub Dub!

Scrub A Dub Dub!


It is ALWAYS a good idea to scrub up! A good body scrub helps to remove dry dead skin (yes we all have it!) and expose more supple, younger looking skin.

Exfoliating has always been an important step in any skincare regime – whether a quick scrub down in the shower, an at home pamper session or a well deserved day spa treatment. Exfoliating really helps to rejuvenate your skin by exposing the smoother and supple layer after buffing away the deas skin layer.

There is a wide variety of body scrubs on the market so where do you start?

What exactly IS a body scrub?

A body scrub is a skincare product made up of course granules such as walnut shell, oatmeal, sea salt and/or sigar cane.

What are the BENEFITS of a body scrub?

A good quality body scrub will actually help to remove ALL of the dead skin from youi body and expose a gorgeous layer of younger looking ski.n.

How do I use a body scrub?

You can scrub up at home in the shower or bath. Use a decent amount of product and work into your skin using gentle circular motions. Pay particular attention to problem areas such as thighs, bum and tummy to increase circulaton (this is EXCELLENT for helping diminish that dreaded cellulite!).

Rinse off and finish with a super hydrating body moisturser or body butter.

How often should I use a body scrub?

You should avoid useing a body scrub too often as frequent scrubbing can damage the younger skin layer once the dead skin has been removed.

Stick to using a body scrub only once or twice a week.

So now you are educated with the nitty “gritty” – here is a list of some of the best of the best body scrubs to add to your skincare regime.

Jar Body Scrub

KO-KOMO Candy Musk Sticks Body Scrub

A classic lolly scent of sweet candy goodness! You will most likely want to lick your skin while using this gorgeous scrub (probably best not to though!)

Jar Body Scrubs are Vegan friendly, not tested on our furry friends and made in the merry old land of Oz! RRP $22.95

Premium Spa Australia

Lemon Butter Salt Scrub

Now we know that we are very loyal ambassadors for Premium Spa but trust us when we say it is for VERY good reason! With certified organic olive oil, Australian sea salts and vitamin e combined with gorgeously scented essential oils this spa in a jar will effectively polish and smooth your skin leaving a beautiful healthy glow. Did we mentioin it smells like heaven!? Just like you are at a day spa!

Premium Spa is sold exclusively online through us at bare beauty! (coz we begged them!)


Frank Body Original Body Scrub

Your morning coffee in a sachet! This body scrub targets dry skin, stretch marks, celluilte (woohoo!), eczema and psoriasis.

Why coffee? While you won’t ingest nearly as much caffeine when your coffee is on your skin instead of in your cup, the caffeine from used coffee grounds can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and give your skin a firmer appearance. WINNING! RRP $14.95

The Body Shop

Cocoa Butter Body Scrub

An oh so creamy chocolate scented body scrub containing ground rice and almond shell to buff away dry dead skin. Staying true to The Body Shop’s community fair trade scheme, this little beauty contains community fair trade cocoa butter and is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

RRP $23.95

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.