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Prepping for the perfect self tan

Prepping for the perfect self tan


Spring has sprung in the land down under!

If you are anything like us then you’re looking a little pasty and your legs resemble the lovely shade of Casper the friendly ghost. Although let’s be honest, they aren’t so friendly are they?

There’s one simple method to rectify this problem and to add a spring back into your step – let’s get our fake tan on!

But not before we educate you all on how to achieve the best possible self tan – first time – everytime.

Always exfoliate first

There is only one essential step before creating your perfect self tan and that’s skin exfoliation.

Not only does exfoliating your skin remove dry and dead skin cells but it will also prolong the life of your tan. Ensure to exfoliate about a day before you plan to apply your self tan.

We recommend: Premium Spa Salt and Sugar body scrubs RRP $14.95.

Available exclusively online to bare beauty

The perfect application

For that streak free salon looking finish, try using a tan applicator mitt to help you achieve a smooth even tan and prevent unneccesary tanning of your hands and fingers.

We recommend: Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt RRP $9.99

The perfect self tan

Do you prefer a lotion, a gel, a spray or a mousse? It is very much up to you on what you prefer to use and how confident you feel with the overall application. You also need to ensure that you pick the perfect shade for your skin tone. Choose light-medium tans for fairer skin and dark variants for olive skin.

We recommend: Loving Tan Bronzing Mousse Medium. RRP $34.95

Prolong your tan

Your skin sheds naturally on a weekly basis which means unfortunatey your tan will shed with it.

Daily moisturising will help to prolong your tan and extra brownie points go to a moisturiser with a touch of bronzing colour in the formulation.

We recommend: Tuscan Tan Tinted Tan Extender RRP $26.00

Removing your tan

OK so most of us just wait out the week for our tan to slowly drift away and we buff it off with a touch of body scrub to ensure we don’t get left with any “patchy” bits. But a brand new and loved addition to the bare beauty beauty cupboard are tanning remover wipes.

They come in handy for those unfortuante tanning mistakes and effectively remove a fading tan ready for a fresh new application!

We recommend: Model Co exfoliating double sided body wipes RRP $13 (pack 20)

So now you have all of the essential ingredients for that absolutely perfect self tan, what are you waiting for?

Get those pins out ladies! We’ve had them under cover for far too long!

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.