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Out top 10 makeup MUSTS for winter

Out top 10 makeup MUSTS for winter


1. Always prime your skin

A primer in today’s day in age is a SUPER MUST!

Why? Primer smooths out skin’s texture, hiding visible pores, fine lines and scaring.

It can also help your foundation stay put and stop it from going flaky.

Try: boe professional Pro Finish bae primer RRP $9.95. Exclusive to Big W

2. Choose your lipstick wisely

Matte is here to stay this Winter so choose the super staying power of a Matte Lipstick to compliment your look. It’s perfect for a cold Winter’s day and if you find that your lips tend to dry out that little bit quicker, smother a Paw Paw ointment onto lips at night before going to bed.

Pro Tip: Blondes – choose an orange based lippie, Brunettees opt for a red base and Red Heads stick to a pink base lipstick.

Try: boe professional Matte Perfect Lipsticks RRP $8.95. Exclusive to Big W

3. Line those lips!

I recently started using a lip liner once again and will never look back. Not only does a lip liner help lock in colour for a much longer lasting finish but it helps keep lipstick from bleeding.

In addition – we all want the perfect Kylie Jenner pout (without the fillers) and you can help yourself achieve this with the perfect lip liner pencil.

Try: Australis Lip Liners RRP $8.95. Available at Priceline.

4. The perfect brows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows have become more and more desirable over the past 12 months and it’s no surprise as to why. Eyebrows can drastically change your appearance and add a lot of character and definition to your face. They can make or break your overall look for the day.

Try: NYX Cosmetics Tame & Frame Brow Pomade RRP $7.00 Available at Target.

 5. Highlight your key features

Although it is winter and we all tend to stick to a more Matte finish, a touch of highlighter can instantly brighten and lift your features and make you look and feel a little less dull and lifeless.

Apply sparingly to the tops of the cheek bones, bridge of your nose and brow bone.

Try: Benefit High Beam Face Illuminator RRP $26.00. Available at Myer.

6. Brighten those eyes

It’s really no secret that brightened eyes can hide a whole list of defects! Tired, hungover – feeling a little less pretty? A highlighting pen can immediately erase any signs of fatigue and brighten your complexion. A definite MUST HAVE in your make up bag. Always. No matter the season.

Try: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch RRP $42.00 Available at Myer.

7. Choose the right brushes

Spending our hard earned dollars on our favourite cosmetics is really no use with out the right tools. Like a carpenter without a decent hammer and a plumber without a top quality wrench, the job just won’t get done. So make sure you have the right tools for the trade.

Pro Tip: Run your fingers over the bristles of the brush, the softer the bristles the better the brush.

Try: True Essentials make up brushes RRP $9.95 – $25.95. Available at Myer

8. Perfectly Painted

Have you ever noticed how more elegant and pretty your hands look with a perfect mani?

Confidence is always key and looking and feeling your best is a great way to achieve uber confidence. My top beauty trick which I swear by is to ALWAYS have perfectly painted fingers and toes. Your hands are always one of the first parts of you that people will notice.

Try: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure RRP $14.95. Available at Priceline.

9. Turn Up The Volume Lashes

Ever looked at someone and thought “wow you really need to ditch your mascara .. why are you clumpy!? Are you leaving the house like that!?” Ensure you are NOT the one with those unnecessary clumpy lashes! The key to makeup perfection is always in your lashes. It can make or break you.

Choose a high volume mascara with a nice thick brush. Remember – a nice thick full brush will be how your lashes end up looking. Never “pump” your mascara as this adds air into the container – causing the formulation to thicken and clump.

Try: boe professional XXXtra Drama Mascara RRP $6.95. Available at Big W.

10. Killer Eyeliner

The perfect statement for winter are the perfectly lined lids. My favourite way to make sure you master the art of the “sometime tricky” eyeliner is to draw a faint line using a pencil eyeliner first and trace over the top with a LONG WEARING liquid eyeliner pen.

Draw into the lashes to avoid any unnecessary gaps between the eyeliner and your lashes.

Try: MAC Penultimate eyeliner RRP $32.00. Available at Myer.

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.