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Nutritional Cleansing


nutritional cleansing

Why cleansing our bodies is so important

March 20, 2016

 Even with weight loss clinics readily available, calorie counts on menus, and public policy initiatives aimed at supporting a healthier population, people are struggling to lose weight and keep it off. Of the 45 million Americans dieting each year, 80 to 90 percent of them will regain all their weight.

The repeated cycle of weight loss and regain shows that the simple remedy of eating healthier and exercising regularly isn’t working. A new solution is needed to help people achieve a healthy weight and maintain it. Mounting scientific evidence for intermittent fasting as an effective tool for weight loss and maintenance may be the solution for preventing repeated cycles of dieting. Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating that involves going without food for several hours or up to a couple of days. And it can become a lifelong habit.

Cleansing with our system includes a specific form of intermittent fasting because cleansers drink the detox-supporting beverage, Not only are cleansers benefiting from intermittent fasting, but they are also supporting their body nutritionally to rid itself of impurities. The drink provides nutritional support in the form of antioxidant vitamins and botanicals, which are essential for effective detoxification.

Additionally, nutritional support is needed to counteract the oxidative damage caused by toxins.Studies on intermittent fasting have shown that it’s as effective for weight loss as cutting calories. In one study, overweight women who fasted intermittently for six months lost more weight than women who restricted their calories each day.

Keep Weight Off for Good

Any diet can help you lose weight, but many times it’s at the expense of muscle mass. And once normal eating patterns resume, weight comes back on quickly.

Researchers have evaluated weight patterns for the average dieter. The key is to make dietary changes that can be maintained for the long-term and support muscle mass. Because there are many ways to do intermittent fasting, it can be integrated into any lifestyle to support weight maintenance.

Cleanse Days, or intermittent fasting days, however, are just another tool in the weight-management toolbox.

Combined with a healthy diet, including Shake Days, regular exercise, quality sleep, and stress-relieving practices like meditation, Cleanse Days can lead to long-term weight maintenance.