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Need To Know : Beauty Hacks For The Busy Woman!

Need To Know : Beauty Hacks For The Busy Woman!

It really is no secret, most of us are a little bit time poor. Whether you work full time, are raising the little ones or you are a business entrepreneur who sleeps with her eyes open, sometimes we just don’t have that extra hour in our day to add those miraculous final touches to our look.

So here are a few “need to know” beauty hacks to help you out on your busiest of days.

Who has time to keep applying their lipstick? Not us! But as a rule of thumb lipstick is one of your best beauty assets and can change a whole look with a slick of a wand and add a more confident spring into your step! Prolong the life of your lipstick by holding a tissue over your lips and then simply apply some translucent powder over the top with a brush. Your lipstick will last a lot longer and reduce the re-apply time.

Perfect Eyeliner doesn’t happen with a 5 minute time schedule. So what can you do to help you achieve those perfect winged eyes? Simple – grab your credit card! No you aren’t buying a new whizz bang self drawing eyeliner – you are simply using the credit card to trace the perfect line. No mess, no fuss. You’re done!

Want thicker lashes but just can’t seem to find the perfect mascara? Applying a tiny bit of baby powder prior to application and even between coats helps to thicken and lengthen those lashes. Go on try it!

Do not skip the primer! Primer is the ultimate beauty hack as it keep that foundation, eyeshadow, powder and blush set by helping products cling to your skin. If there is one product you need to own this is it.

And last but certainly not least our ultimate busy girl’s beauty hack goes to those makeup brushes! Poor quality brushes can grasp product and apply it to all the wrong areas of your face, without you even knowing so when investing in makeup brushes – choose very wisely. No skimping on quality! This saves time, effort and heartache.

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.