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Do you spend time "googling" how to look after those luscious locks only to be overwhelmed with so many tutorials, how-to's and product recommendations? Well fear no more, we have put together a list of hair DONT's that we are sure you will get far much more use out of!
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Hair Myths Exposed

Hair myths busted

Hair Myths Exposed

Have you ever spent so much time looking after your skin that you accidentally neglect your hair? Hair is one of the most loved yet neglected parts of our body. The haircare we choose today will be the hair you love tomorrow.

Do you spend time “googling” how to look after those luscious locks only to be overwhelmed with so many tutorials, how-to’s and product recommendations? Well fear no more, we have put together a list of hair DONT’s that we are sure you will get far much more use out of!

Hair drying with a towel
It’s a-ok to wrap up wet hair in a towel after washing but whatever you do do not rub your wet hair with the towel. Vigorously rubbing wet hair with a towel can lead to excessive hair breakage and hair fallout. A towel’s thick absorbent fibres when rubbed with your hair actually do more harm than good. Hair can also become extremely frizzy as the towel ruffles up the cuticles of the hair. Not to mention, the weight of the towel itself pulls down the hair, causing vulnerable strands to break. Make sure to keep in mind that the hair gets more elasticated when wet, making it more prone to breakage. So using a towel to dry the soaking strands, can be the worst thing for your hair.

100 strokes a day
Remember when Grandma used to say “make sure you brush your hair 100 times a day”. Well we are super sorry to tell you this Grandma but brushing your hair way too much will actually damage your hair and can cause split ends and even cause hair loss over time. Excessive brushing can do much more harm than good, damaging your hair’s outer protective layer.

It starts from the ends
For happier, stronger hair, always start brushing fro the ends and never from the roots. With each stroke of the brush, begin a little higher until you’re brushing your hair from the roots to the ends. This technique will avoid unnecessary hair yanking which can also cause scalp damage.

To heated dry or not to heated dry
It seems fairly obvious but the more often you heat your hair, the more damage you will do. Yet it’s the one thing we all do nearly every single day without even giving it a second thought. Air drying your hair is by far the best option for happier, healthy hair but if you simple must use the hair dryer, keep the heat setting on low and hold your dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair as you dry it.

Overdoing the shampoo
Less is always more when it come to haircare products, especially with your shampoo. Focus on lathering up your scalp rather than the whole length of your hair. Shampoo is a detergent that is ultimately meant for cleaning the bacteria and product build-up on your scalp. So lathering up those ends is actually a waste of time and more importantly, a waste of product! Dirt, sebum and dead skin cells all live at the scalp. But what about the rest of your hair? Surely that needs to be clean? Never fear – the product lather rinsing through your ends is enough to clean them.

Not shampooing often enough
Then on the other hand there is the issue of not shampooing enough. We all know that washing your hair everyday is not necessary, or even every second day for that matter. However, it is super important to shampoo often enough to keep away that dreaded oily buildup. Allowing oil to build up on the scalp can lead to dandruff and other dreaded nasty scalp problems. We recommend washing your hair every third day.

Brushing wet hair
Probably another no-brainer however we really need to make sure this common action is 100% eliminated! Brushing wet hair is a major no-no! Water weakens the hair so in turn your wet hair must be treated with extra TLC. So next time, instead of reaching for the hair brush after a wash, reach for a wide-toothed comb to tame the tangles. Your hair will thank you.

No cut this time please!
Have you ever been at the end of your salon visit and been asked “so are you after a trim today?” 9/10 times if you are trying to grow out that last bad haircut the answer will always be  “not this time thanks” However, if you are trying to grow your hair the right answer should be “yes please just a trim”. A regular trim gets rid of those dreaded split ends which in turn assists with healthier hair. Now unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair will grow faster as the follicles in your scalp actually determine how fast your hair shall grow and not the ends. (Sorry for the bad news!)

Chlorine Vs hair 
Ah dreaded chlorine and all that horrible damage it can cause to your lovely locks. The obvious solution is to wear a shower cap in the pool but let’s face it, how sexy is a shower cap!? So always be sure to wash your hair right after a swim and even pop on a nourishing treatment to give some love backs to your locks.

The tighter the better
Not when it comes to your up-do. Too tight for too long can cause extreme hair breakage, especially when taking out that bun or ponytail. As a rule, if it hurts your head, that hairstyle is most likely harming your hair and you should loosen it up a bit to prevent any damage. Try mixing up your hairstyles everyday to keep your hair happier and break-free.

Never use a hair straightener on damp hair
Another no brainer really? But you would be surprised on how often this happens! When heat combines with damp hair, it can turn to steam and then you are left with frizzy, brittle hair which easily creates, you guessed it – more damage! Always ensure that your hair is dry before using any hair straightener or curling wand and be sure to invest in a really good heat protectant spray.

Some of our HAIR HEROES include:

Olaplex Hair Perfecter No 3. A take home treatment ideal for use before and after salon treatments including hair colouring, keratin straightening and other chemical treatments. Olaplex neutralises pH levels and repairs the bonds of the hair shaft. RRP $49.95. Available at Hairhouse Warehouse.

Pump 300° Heat Protection. The latest in technology to create heat protection for up to 300 degrees. This product has a tropical smell to die for and greats a gloss feel on your hair. A must have for anyone using heat on their hair. RRP $30.00. Available online via Pump Haircare.

ELEVEN Australia Deep Clean Shampoo. A cleansing shampoo that removes excess oil from the hair and scalp. Packed with Orange Oil, this shampoo provides a rich clean while still leaving the hair feeling fresh, hydrated and healthy. RRP $24.95. Available online via ELEVEN Australia. 

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA Hydrate My Hair Moisture Conditioner. An ultra-nourishing conditioner that replenishes moisture. Packed with avocado oil and hydrolysed wheat protein to moisturise and strengthen hair. RRP $25.95. Available online via ELEVEN Australia. 

Bed Head by TIGI After Party Smoothing Cream A blend of lightweight conditioners smooths hair while imparting shine and body without weighing the hair down. Helps to prevent static build-up and fly-aways and keep frizz under control. RRP $19.99. Available at Priceline.

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