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Charles + Lee = Male Skincare Euphoria

Charles + Lee = Male Skincare Euphoria

From the moment you lay your eyes on this packaging you know something good must be inside! Welcome to the new world of Charles + Lee. The latest Australian made range of skincare EXCLUSIVELY for his lordship. So why would your jack of all trades actually want to use a range of skincare? We all know he should be. Some are just harder to convince than others.

From the humble tradie who likes to relax on his Sunday afternoon with a scotch, to the suit-clad chap sipping his fine red wine on his night off. Charles + Lee have tailored their range to them all. Simple yet stylish packaging that doesn’t scream “I’m male skincare” And the packaging quotes are hilariously clever!

Let’s take a look from a female point of views (after all we are the ones buying it right!?)

CHARCOAL SOAP DUOThis bar of soap does not contain the ashes from the darkest depths of Mordor. Nor will it make you a better son-in-law – However it is a damn good bar of soap. Rich in lather with an exfoliation that he won’t even notice (but he will love!) These charcoal infused body soap bars are the answer to clean, manly skin. RRP $14.95

HAND CREAM – This hand cream does not contain the pearls of a plundering pirate. Nor did it sip whiskey with the knights of the round table – However it’s a damn good hand cream. Does he need a hand cream? Well we won’t lie, it sure will help you out when you talk him into that night time massage. Non-greasy and formulated with shea and cocoa butter for ultimate hydration. Goodbye calluses! RRP $16.95

FACE WASHThis face wash does not contain supernatural algae from the depths of the arctic sea. Nor was it filtered through the pockets of a double breasted suit – However it is a damn good face wash.  Sneak this one in the shower and he will be forever grateful. Formulated with skin energising goji berry and chamomile to soothe and cleanse. Even his beard will thank you. RRP $18.95

MOISTURISERThis moisturiser does not contain oils from the beard of a burly biker. Nor was it created by the 908th member of stonecutters – However it is a damn good moisturiser. We do like the idea of the burly biker but let’s face it, even the toughest of blokes should treat their face to a slick of moisturiser. Formulated with skin soothing aloe vera so if he’s out on the job all day, this one is a real winner! RRP $19.95

HAND + BODY WASHThis hand + body was does not contain rare minerals harvested by the light of a full moon. Nor was it created by an ultra manly lumberjack who wears flannelette + fights bears for fun – However it is a damn good hand + body wash. Stop him from using your body wash with his very own. An energising formulation for that early morning or after work pick-me-up. Formulated with refreshing goji berry & blood orange. And for us in the know on the best ingredients in skincare – this body wash is jam packed with lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid (for those who aren’t too clued up .. this is damn good!) RRP $24.95

So the overall verdict? Charles + Lee have discovered a discreet & humorous way to look after your partner in crime (well his skin at least!) Available at MYER and we all agree that this range also makes for the perfect gift.









Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.