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4 ways to enhance your eyes with eyeshadow

4 ways to enhance your eyes with eyeshadow

Winter seriously can dull not only our complexion but our mood and what better way to boost both than with some super bright and vibrant eyes.

All you need is the right product! We’ve done the hard work for you and tracked down 4 makeup bag must-haves for eye brightening and enhancing ease.

POWDER – Easy to use, easy to apply, easy to blend. Sweep over entire eyelid with a good quality makeup brush (may we please scream out CRUELTY FREE BRUSHES!!) If you are feeling a bit creative, use up to 3 colours to blend and enhance.

GEL – A gel or cream finish eyeshadow can drastically enhance the appearance of your eyes and stay put a lot longer than most powders out there. Perfect for evening wear. Oily eyelids? No problem! Gel formulations will stick to those lids like a woman to a wine glass on a Friday night.

CRAYON – Yes these bad boys are an amazing eyeshadow with the flick of the wrist. Try using a darker smokey shade on the outer eye, line with an eyeliner and blend with a good quality eyeshadow blending brush (once again CRUELTY FREE BRUSHES LADIES!).

PENCIL – This may sound a bit too difficult but the eyeliner pencil can certainly double up as an eyeshadow when blended correctly. Try a lighter pencil – we suggest a grey – on the inner eyelid and blend in lightly. This will brighten up those peepers making you look fresh and enlivened,

But last we needed to add in one last product that you simply just can’t ignore, to brighten up your eyes you can not go past a perfect highlighter. Blended lightly under the arch of the eyebrow can make all the difference to bright, stunning, I’m wide awake eyes.

“Your eyes are the doorway to your heart. They reflect your emotions and your inner being”

Here’s our top picks to add to you your make-up bag.

POWDER BYS Cosmetics NUDE Eyeshadow Palette. 12 expertly chosen matte and metallic eyeshadows so there will always be the right shade on hand. RRP $19.95. www.bys.com.au

GEL AUSTRALIS Metallix Eyeshadow. We love these because they blend oh so perfectly without the smudge and the stay put power is amazing! RRP $9.49 www.australiscosmetics.com.au

CRAYON For the perfect crayon you really can’t go past Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for eyes. Long wearing and lightweight and super easy to apply. RRP $38.00 www.clinique.com.au

PENCIL  Natio has always been one of our go to brands at bare beauty. We love Australian owned and made brands! Silky smooth kohl eyeliner pencils are perfect for blending. Natio Define Eye Pencil RRP $13.95 www.natio.com.au 

HIGHLIGHT Is this currently the best highlighter on the market? YES YES YES! The pigmentation, the ease of usage, the price tag and the fact BYS are cruelty free. BYS Cosmetics have nailed it with this stunning highlight palette. RRP $19.95 www.bys.com.au


Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.