Bare Beauty Australia | We want you! May – 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge
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We want you! May – 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge

We want you! May – 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

 Due to high demand we have decided to run a monthly 30 day body transformation challenge!

 Each and every month we will be taking only the first 5-10 candidates that want to hit “reset”and start to change their lives for the better.


Simply click here to express your interest and we will send you through an enrolment form to tailor a program to your specific needs.

Whether you want to lose weight, assist the ageing process, reduce cellulite, gain more energy, sleep better, gain lean muscle or simply just need to eliminate toxins from your body, we can recommend the right program for you and get you started.


Your 30 day nutritional cleanse will consist of valuable vitamins, supplements and superfoods. In just a short amount of time these nutritional solutions start to support the body’s natural ability to filter toxins and provide it with key nutrients that promote life-long health and wellness. Your body starts to become stronger, leaner, more efficient and energetic than a body full of impurities.


Each month you will have exclusive access to our support group where each “cleanser” will have one on one guidance and invaluable group support from their team mates.

This allows your 30 days to be more intimate and personalised to keep you on the right track. Everyone in the group will be experiencing the same life changes and by this we all have an accountability team. Questions are highly encouraged and weekly group calls are offered to keep us all pumped up!

This is all FREE of charge and completely invaluable.

You will also receive access to our weekly newsletter where we will offer extra support, recipe ideas, motivational ideas and group incentives.


Yes of course – not all of the best things in life are free but we work with you to ensure your 30 day program is of minimal cost and not on top of what you would already be paying at the supermarket. There are also some great rebate incentives along the way and extra challenges that can earn you a little bit of extra cash or even simply get your program paid for.

 So who’s in our first 30 day line up?

CLICK HERE and get started with us today! You won’t regret a single moment!

BEST OF ALL – there is a 30 day money back guarantee! Yes honestly we are that confident that we offer your money back if you are not happy.

Winning right?

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.