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The true beauty of supplements

the beauty of supplements

The true beauty of supplements

So let’s get right down to business. Nutrition and what we put into our bodies plays a very big and very important role for your inner and outer beauty. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants is a benefit to your whole body including your hair, skin and nails. Antioxidants can help curb the damage caused by free radicals which can harm skin cells and cause those signs of ageing that we all want to avoid. The true beauty of supplements is just a mouthful away.

Put simply, our environment isn’t like it was 10, 20, 30 years ago. Our soils are depleted, pollution is ever more evident and our fruits and vegetables are now sprayed with chemicals, pesticides and other nasty components that we, in the end, ingest. So it makes sense as to why our bodies aren’t receiving the nourishment that they once were and our skin isn’t glowing quite the same.

All this being said, it makes a bit of sense that we need some extra help yes? Enter supplements. Are they good for us? Are they bad for us? Let’s put it this way, with the depletion of nutrients now, they certainly aren’t causing us any harm and as research and studies do show, adding some extra vitamins and minerals into our diet can only be a positive for our internal glow and wellbeing as well as our outer glow. So even if you do eat healthy, supplements are a great everyday safety net to help provide a balance of the nutrients that your body needs.

Supplements? What are they? Why do our bodies need the extra nourishment and what should we be looking for? Firstly we want to express that supplements are sexy. Why? because a happy, healthy body equals a more confident you and from within you shine and shining equals sexy. In our opinion!

So with keeping all of that in mind and with a wide range of supplements out there to choose from. How do we not get overwhelmed with choice and what exactly do we add into our nutrition to benefit our inner and outer beauty? We take a look at some staple supplements that you can start adding in to your diet today. Not only will you hair, skin and nails thank you but your overall health will get the love and attention that it needs and deserves.


Rich in omega 3- fatty acids which are ridiculously important for your overall health and wellbeing, but did you realise that these little capsules of oily goodness have some incredible beauty benefits! As a natural anti-inflammatory, fish oil helps to fight off infections and keep your skin healthy.

WE RECOMMEND: Isagenix IsaOmega™ RRP $37.33 AUD

WHY?: Containing high-quality, highly concentrated DHA and EPA omega-3 essential fatty acids. Sourced from small fish in deep, unpolluted waters.


Also known as Vitamin B9. Folic acid may be your next well kept beauty secret! It plays a very important role in energy production and cellular metabolism within the body. Which means very good news for your skin as it aids in the process of eliminating toxins from your body and maintaining adequate collagen production.

WE RECOMMEND: Isagenix Essentials for Women RRP $46.67

WHY?: Essentials for Women supports bone health, increased energy and healthy hair, skin and nails. Your body can only absorb so much nutrition at a given time before it flushes out what it fails to absorb. The fast-disintegration Essentials tablets are delivered in two doses each day to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients


CoQ10 is an all important enzyme produced naturally in the human body and is found in every single cell and tissue. It helps to produce energy, neutralise free radicals and keep cells both in the body and in the skin nice and healthy.

A young body has the ability to produce as much CoQ10 as it needs however, most women over the age of thirty have below optimum levels of CoQ10 in the skin. The lack of CoQ10 results in the declined ability to produce collagen and elastin (the magic we need for tight, healthy skin!) Another downside of a lack of CoQ10 is the ability of cells to regenerate and combat stress. So in a nutshell, taking a CoQ10 supplement as we age can help with those cells and help to keep skin looking taught and terrific.

WE RECOMMEND: Isagenix Ageless Actives™ RRP $64.01

WHY?: A daily supplement containing Vitamin D3, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and resveratrol to help reduce the signs of ageing from the inside out. Supplementing CoQ10, resveratrol and vitamin D3 helps your body absorb the nutrients it might not get from food alone.


Also known as ascorbic acid, this little beauty is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It’s involved in many body functions, including the formation of collagen, absorption of iron, the immune system, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. So it’s no wonder that this vitamin is crucial for inner and outer beauty.

Unfortunately Vitamin C can not be produced by the human body so we must seek it through foods and supplements and with so many incredible supplements on the market, this is certainly a no brainer when it comes to adding to your nutrition and boosting that inner and outer glow!

WE RECOMMEND: IsaGenesis™ RRP $115.99

WHY?: Not only is Vitamin C one of the main ingredients in this magical bottle but it is a powerful formula of complex botanicals and vitamins designed to aid the reduction oxidative stress and support healthy ageing with antioxidant support. IsaGenesis is uniquely designed to offer telomere support with powerful healthy-ageing benefits such as vitality, vital organ support and immune system support. So it’s SO MUCH MORE than just your average Vitamin C supplement.


Vitamin B12 plays a very big role in cell production, meaning that your hair, skin and nails will greatly benefit from adequate levels of this vitamin. One of the main benefits of Vitamin B12 that we love is the important role it plays in the formation of red blood cells which equals optimal nail health and the ability to regulate your skin’s pigment production which prevents the darkening of skin in certain parts of your body.

WE RECOMMEND: IsaGenesis™ RRP $115.99

WHY?: Teaming up with the almighty Vitamin C it also contains four types of antioxidants which help neutralise free radicals .


bare beauty Australia uses and recommends the use of Isagenix through years of personal and scientific research with a no compromise on quality reassurance. Since its inception, Isagenix has led with science-backed products and continues to put Isagenix products to the test. By partnering with well-respected universities and laboratories, Isagenix is contributing to evidence-based nutritional research while also providing clinical substantiation for Isagenix Systems for healthy living.

Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.