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In this episode we introduce to bodylovesociety and touch on the importance of loving yourself inside and out.
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Self Love with bodylovesociety

Self Love with bodylovesociety

We believe that true beauty shines from within and our purpose is to make every woman feel truly beautiful inside and out.

In a fast paced world of social media, comparison, environmental pollution and self sabotage – well this all leads to one thing, self doubt. The majority of women in Australia and around the world are falling out of love with themselves every single day.

This can lead to mental illness, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug abuse and can put us in some very dark, dark places.

So 3 times a week – every Monday, Wednesday & Friday – bodylovesociety will be hitting the airwaves. We will spend 3-5 minutes motivating, inspiring and hopefully throwing some golden life nuggets your way!

#bodylovesociety is now available on iTunes! LISTEN HERE!


Sammy Harper

At Bare Beauty our aim is to make everyone feel beautiful inside and out.