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weight loss
11 Aug

How can I lose weight effectively?

We hear your cries! How can I lose weight effectively? How can I work towards keeping the weight off for good? I want to be comfortable for Summer! Summer is just around the corner (arrghhhhh!!!) and if you have been hiding under over-sized blouses in the...

16 Jun

Top 10 Australian Day Spas

With a growing number of day spas opening up across our beautiful nation, how do we choose which one to invest our time and hard earned money into? Well, to help you out we have selected what we feel are the top 10 day spas Australia...

07 Jan

We’re making a few AMAZING changes!

A new year - a new start. So many new year's resolutions get made this time of year. The top one always being "I need to lose weight" or "This year I WILL exercise everyday". We hear you and we're all on that bandwagon with...

09 May

We want you! May – 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"  Due to high demand we have decided to run a monthly 30 day body transformation challenge!  Each and every month we will be taking only the first 5-10 candidates that want to hit "reset"and start to change their...

05 May

Why nutritional cleansing really does work

It's no secret that we are now living in a toxic world. With polluted air, tainted water and now our food is seriously lacking in the nutrients that it once was. All of this combined is wreaking havoc on us mere humans mentally and physically while of...

07 Mar

Detoxifying with Stay Lean Tea

A big huge YES to being on the "cleansing journey". We are all embracing the feeling of healthier, happier bodies and lives at bare beauty HQ so when Stay Lean Tea came across our path this was the perfect addition to a life long journey. What is a...