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Author: Sammy Harper - Editor

11 Apr

A little Rae of sunshine

I recently had the privilege of meeting the very talented and breath of fresh air that is Rae Morris. Rae is easily by far one of the most influential make up artists in the world. a number one best-selling author and also four times Australian Makeup Artist of...

21 Mar

So far so good!

PROUD. HAPPY. EXCITED. PUMPED. There are so many words to describe how I am feeling right now! I'm not even half way through my cleanse to rid my body of toxins and fill it full of goodness and these results are just mind blowing! I have a new...

07 Mar

Detoxifying with Stay Lean Tea

A big huge YES to being on the "cleansing journey". We are all embracing the feeling of healthier, happier bodies and lives at bare beauty HQ so when Stay Lean Tea came across our path this was the perfect addition to a life long journey. What is a...

04 Mar

Are you applying your blush correctly?

"Of course I am!", we here you say. What could ever make you think such a thing? Well, did you know that where you apply your blush should be based on your face shape? Most of us aren't professional make up artists so how could we know...

16 Feb

My new path to healthy

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR I want to share with you all my recent decison to change my lifestyle. Let's start with the sob story shall we! 2015 was a reasonably challenging year for me both health wise and personally. It started off in January with the rule of three...

13 Feb

Valentine’s Day for one

So it's Valentine's Day yet again and you're still single? That's OK - actually it's more than OK as you can take this day as the perfect opportunity to pay attention to the one person that truly matters. YOU! So don't reach for the ice cream...