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Author: Sammy Harper - Editor

23 May

The science behind great skin!

Here at bare beauty we are all about looking after your body and that means both inside and out. So when we discovered the Boots Laboratories Optiva range it was a little match made in beauty heaven. Everyone wants great glowing skin right? The Australian climate isn't...

09 May

We want you! May – 30 Day Body Transformation Challenge

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"  Due to high demand we have decided to run a monthly 30 day body transformation challenge!  Each and every month we will be taking only the first 5-10 candidates that want to hit "reset"and start to change their...

05 May

We love you Mum!

Every year you ask your mum "what would you like for Mother's Day?" and every year her answer is simple "Oh nothing, you don't need to get me anything!" Now we all very much know that this is a warning sign. Of course she wants a...

05 May

Why nutritional cleansing really does work

It's no secret that we are now living in a toxic world. With polluted air, tainted water and now our food is seriously lacking in the nutrients that it once was. All of this combined is wreaking havoc on us mere humans mentally and physically while of...

02 May

Motivation for Mum

We're all about beauty beginning from the inside and with Mother's Day hot on our tails, what better way to give her a gift full of motivation! Is it a bit cliche to fill your brain full of knowledge and power? Most certainly not! It's a well...

29 Apr

Autumn Nails Ahoy!

We love a brand new start to a season, as it means lots of  gorgeous new colours to try! Where better to start than with your nails. ESSIE Essie never seems to let us down when it comes to amazingly on-trend colours. WE LOVE - "Leggy Legend" Nail Polish. A...