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A better way to healthier nails

A better way to healthier nails

You look at them everyday. You use them everyday. You put them through a fair bit of grief everyday. Your poor nails get a bit of a beating and this can lead to a lot of damage and make them look a bit unattractive, especially if you are a fan of SNS, gels and acrylics. Even day to day activities like washing your hands, gardening, doing the washing and other household chores contribute to those dry, brittle nails. So we have a few nice and easy solutions to assist you on your way to optimal nail health.

Four simple steps for optimal nail health


Always start with a good buff! Smooth away lumps, bumps and rough patches on a regular basis with a good quality nail buffer equipped with a bit of grit for best results. It is especially beneficial to buff before polish application as your nail polish will apply more smoothly, chip less and last that little bit longer. Try: Beauty Essentials Buffer Block RRP $7.99 Available at Priceline.


Hydration is always key and your nails are no exception to the rule. Give your nails the nutrients they need with a strengthening serum that contains some nail nourishing ingredients such as coconut and apricot oil. Try: Ecoture Nourishing Nail Elixir RRP $19.00 www.ecoture.com.au


Like the perfect hair treatment, a top nail treatment should always be readily available and be a part of your nail care routine. A fabulous nail treatment will help enhance the condition of the natural nail plate by offering protection and nourishment to the nails. The strengthener works as a protective, flexible film that reinforces the structure of the nail while also providing essential vitamins and nutrients to the nail plate to promote growth. TRY: Revitanail Nail Strengthener RRP $25.49 Available at Chemist Warehouse.


Vitamins and minerals are a no-brainer for our nails and the health that they deserve. Our bodies rely on vitamins and minerals that we receive through nutrition and additional supplements. One of the key vitamins for nail health is Biotin. Biotin is known to promote growth of strong nails, skin, eyes, liver, and hair. In addition essential B vitamins are the clear way to go for healthy, strong nails and cuticles. Specifically vitamin B12 which is essential for keeping nails strong and vitamin B9 which is important for nail growth and health by contributing to red blood cell formation and the development of new cells. TRY: Isagenix Essentials for Women RRP $46.67

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